Would You Get In The Water With A 3.8 m White?

Today was an exciting day for our interns on Shark Warrior. With five sharks around the boat, they had their hands full trying to take photos of the dorsal fins for IDs as well as the size and sex of each sharks.  Four of the five sharks were successfully identified and sized.

DCIM100GOPROThe interns also had the opportunity to join some of the clients in the shark cage. There, they got a fish-eye view of one of the largest sharks in Mossel Bay, a 3.8 meter white affectionately referred to as Black Gill. Few things are more exhilarating then being mere centimeters from such a massive animal.

As usual, our enthusiastic interns took advantage of their time on the boat to talk to some of the clients about their perception of sharks. Many people are apprehensive and fearful. However, once they come face to face with such amazing animals, they tend to replace their fear with awe. Our interns make sure to encourage clients to embrace their newfound love of sharks, and to spread the word that they aren’t mindless killers.


Written by intern Chelsea Gray. Follow her on Instagram @ragged_tooth_shark

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