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Mossel Bay is arguably the best place in the world to see Great White Sharks. There is no where else in the world can you get on a boat and ride 15 minutes and reliably see White Sharks all year round. There are literally only two companies that are allowed to operate in the bay with the White Sharks and only one of those is allowed to operate a cage diving operation.

White Shark Africa gives you a month of unlimited access to sharks above and below the water. We are keen for interns to get involved with projects and activities that are running throughout their month but we encourage interns to create their own projects.

The cliche term “the more you put in the more you get out” is incredibly true, the interns that typically get the most out of the program are those that use their 30 days effectively to create a personal project that they can take with them or leave behind. The purpose of this internship is to gain field experience and to actively contribute to shark/ocean conservation. Having the initiative to create your own project whilst you are here is the foundation of many of our past interns successful careers in the field.

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