Keep Fin Alive

Keep Fin Alive is a local shark conservation campaign founded by Esther Jacobs Overbeeke. Our volunteers get to spend time each month contributing to this campaign.  Many of our interns also become #FinHuggers and ambassadors bringing home the message of sharks and their importance in our oceans ecosystems.


A day of reaching out to local businesses about plastic consumption.

A little more about Keep Fin Alive:

The ultimate goal of the campaign is to take a light-hearted approach in helping to change the common misconception of sharks and drive more attention to the problems of shark overfishing, finning, shark fishing tournaments, bycatch and longlining. We’re using the power of social media to capture even those who usually turn a blind eye to the negative stories.

We have lots of #FinHuggers supporting us, including celebs, scientists, photographers & conservationists.

The most recent and accurate report states that up to 273 million sharks are killed each year. Sharks just cannot reproduce quickly enough to keep up with the demand and the only way to stop shark extinction is to stop the trades.

Sharks play a vital role in keeping the oceans healthy and are essential to an ecosystem that produces more oxygen than all the rainforests combined, provides a third of the world with food, removes half of the atmosphere’s greenhouse gases, and controls our planet’s temperature and weather. Sharks and the oceans desperately need our help.

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