It’s Not Just About Sharks With Us

SAPREC. Sea bird and penguin rehabilitation centre. from Dan Abbott (White Shark Africa) on Vimeo.

Here at White Shark Africa, we don’t just focus on sharks. A good conservationist understands that all organisms are interconnected and because of this, we regularly dedicate time and energy to the Sea Bird and Penguin Rehab (SAPREC), located just outside of Mossel Bay. There we help clean the enclosures and help with the release of healthy, endangered African penguins.

While we love working with the penguins, those of us in the White Shark Echo Program didn’t feel that that was enough. SAPREC regularly struggles with financial issues and has almost been forced to close due to a lack of funds. Few people could possibly care for penguins as much as SAPREC’s manager, Carol Walton, who singlehandedly runs the center.

Inspired by Carol’s dedication, we decided to try to raise money for SAPREC. In order to do so, we contacted Caitlin of Sharktopia, an amazing artist who focuses on shark-themed art. She kindly donated a design for a T-shirt, which can be ordered by sending your size and delivery address to 100% of the proceeds for the shirt are going to SAPREC. As we have past and present interns from all over the world, we hope to make these SAPREC T-shirts a global phenomenon.


Written by intern Chelsea Gray. Follow her on Instagram @ragged_tooth_shark

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