How Long Can Sharks Hold Their Breath?

Sharks are not only threatened by a bad reputation, but also by ignorance. Interns at White Shark Africa are in a unique position to effect changes on both ends.

The title question is one that has been posed to me and other interns several times. While fellow shark enthusiasts may scoff at the question, it exemplifies the lack of knowledge so many people have about sharks. It’s those people – the ones who have never seen a shark and know nothing about them – who the media can easily convince to fear sharks.

However, when we use our unique position at WSA to encourage respect and awe for sharks, we can break that pattern of misinformation.  Every client who comes cage diving leaves with new knowledge of sharks, whether it’s as simple as the fact that sharks are fish, or as important as the threats facing sharks today.


Written by intern Chelsea Gray. Follow her on Instagram @ragged_tooth_shark

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