One of the most important parts of our program is education. As a world leader in the shark cage diving and the eco-tourism industry we make a point to educate others about human impact on this planet and what they can do to help save our home. A large portion of our education is done at the White Shark Africa cage diving office. Before each trip we give a conservation talk about the threats that are facing sharks in our oceans. Our interns are also responsible for engaging and educating our clients on the boat during their cage diving trip. With these interactions we are able to make a true difference in client perception of all sharks.

Our volunteers also take part in science festivals, lectures and puppet shows in the surrounding towns to educate children on sharks and their importance in our ecosystem as well as the dangers of plastic consumption.  We also work with local business owners helping them to find more sustainable ways of operating. A large portion of our education is a combined effort working with local shark conservation group Keep Fin Alive with the main goal to reach as many people as we can about their footprint on this Earth and how best to be a global citizen.

Fins up. A group of students gathered with our volunteers after learning about the role sharks play in our oceans.
Students learning the importance of sharks in our oceans ecosystems.
Students learning about how great white sharks hunt and what they prey on.

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