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When It Comes To Sharks, It’s Love At First Sight

As of five days ago I had yet to see a great white shark in person.

Little did I know that seeing one could increase my love for these highly threatened animals. As I researched the WSA Eco Program, it became clearer to me that seeing Great Whites in their natural environment would involve me […]

How Many Interns Does It Take To Build A Drain Cover?

The amazing Carol is the founder and backbone of the Seabird and Penguin Rehabilitation Centre, an organisation small in size but significant in passion. SAPREC is a non-profit organization that strives to save the endangered African penguin and rehabilitate various injured and unwell seabirds.

Every Tuesday a team of 3-4 White Shark Africa […]

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It’s Not Just About Sharks With Us

SAPREC. Sea bird and penguin rehabilitation centre. from Dan Abbott (White Shark Africa) on Vimeo.

Here at White Shark Africa, we don’t just focus on sharks. A good conservationist understands that all organisms are interconnected and because of this, we regularly dedicate time and energy to the Sea Bird and Penguin Rehab (SAPREC), located just […]

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How Long Can Sharks Hold Their Breath?

Sharks are not only threatened by a bad reputation, but also by ignorance. Interns at White Shark Africa are in a unique position to effect changes on both ends.

The title question is one that has been posed to me and other interns several times. While fellow shark enthusiasts may scoff at the question, it […]

Would You Get In The Water With A 3.8 m White?

Today was an exciting day for our interns on Shark Warrior. With five sharks around the boat, they had their hands full trying to take photos of the dorsal fins for IDs as well as the size and sex of each sharks.  Four of the five sharks were successfully identified and sized.

The interns also had […]

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