AI Project

Team White Shark is contributing to an open source AI object detection and biometric recognition system that aims to be able to identify different species around Mossel Bay and to trial computer vision at identifying individual White Sharks.

Object Detection System

Collecting images and videos of different ocean users from marine life to boats and people, we can train an object detection algorithm to detect and collect data on how different users are using the bay.

Short term goals are to see where the White Sharks spend time around the bay.

Long term goals are to create an automated drone program that can monitor White Sharks movement around the bay and to search for White Sharks in places they previously haven’t been known to be.

Biometric Recognition System

Using scarring, gill pigmentation and fin identification along with other unique markings we aim to train a biometric algorithm to identify individual white sharks in the bay.

Short term goals are to collect data on sharks in the bay and to accurately determine how often particular sharks come around the boat.

Long term goals are to see how individual sharks are using the bay and to open the project up to other researchers to see where individual white sharks are travelling too once they leave the bay and to see if individuals from other locations come to us.

Open Source Data

Opening up our data allows people from all walks of life to get involved in shark data science and to create innovative projects around Great White Shark Data.

By opening up the data we hope to inspire more people to get involved with shark conservation and data science. We want to help increase the research going into the ocean and create more opportunities for people who are interested in working in the field.

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